For 6 years I dated him, paid his school fees and had 7 abortions……yet he dumped me and he’s marrying my Best friend next week.

In 2009, Ms. K residing in Abuja, from a very wealthy home, finished her Secondary School studies and attempted JAMB. She passed with a good score of 297 and was shortlisted for PUME

She was expected to stay with her aunt for her PUME in another state. She was a “serious-bookworm”, who intentionally deprived herself from the pleasures of ‘’spending time with friends’’ but rather gave full attention to her books. After PUME, she decided to stay back at her aunt’s place in Abuja for some time.

Her aunt had a thriving Digital Agency. She had about 25 staffs. On a certain day, Ms. K decided to follow her aunt to the office. That was the day she met Mr. T in her aunt’s company.

Mr. T was a part-time staff in the digital agency; Ms. K fell in love with him instantly, he had everything she wanted in a man. Ms. K was only 17 years of age at this time.

Soon they started communicating and seeing each other. Ms. K got excited when she realized that Mr. T was in the same university she wrote her PUME. Mr. T was a second year student in the university she wrote her PUME, he only engaged in a part-time job in her aunt’s digital agency for fund.

When it was time for her to return to Abuja, they said their goodbyes and promised to continue communicating. After some months, the PUME list came out and she was accepted into the University to study Law.

When she got admitted into the university, she convinced her parents that she needed an accommodation in campus. Her parents agreed to this and sent her funds for her hostel accommodation but unknown to them, she was avoiding her aunt’s supervision and also to have total freedom with Mr. T.

In the second semester of her first year in school, on her birthday, Mr. T asked her to be his girlfriend, which she accepted. She was very much in love with Mr. T that she became his lover, care-taker, mother financial adviser, money lender, helper, money-dasher and the list goes on. 

Three days after her birthday, he pleaded with her to sleep over at his place. He shared a room with a friend. They planned to have sex that night. This was her first time, and she was okay giving her body to her first love.

Though Mr. T pleaded with his roommate to relax in another room that night, his roommate refused, he messed up their plans. 

So many pleas from Mr. T to his roommate fell on deaf ears. Ms. K had to leave the room and go back to her hostel. His apartment was not far from the hostel.

After consulting her best friend on campus, Titi, Ms. K paid in a large sum of money into Mr. T’s account and asked him to get a furnished accommodation.

Mr. T initially refused her offer but later obliged. He got a very comfortable furnished apartment. The night after he moved into the new house he deflowered her. She became a sex doll to him from that moment. 

Every day and every time he influenced her to come over to his house for sex even during lectures. He also suggested that she moved in with him from Monday to Fridays then weekends at her aunt’s, all for his selfish interest to have sex with her five days in a week.

Ms. K became his money dasher in his fourth year because things were very rough for him. She made sure he lacked nothing. She always got an excess of N70, 000 monthly allowances from her parents, so she usually gave N50, 000 to her boyfriend while she kept N20, 000 for herself. 

She deprived herself of expensive things whereas Mr. T was living the life of his dreams on campus He started smoking, drinking and womanizing. After deflowering her, he usually wore a condom each time they had sex, but he insisted they go raw, after the second semester in his fourth year. Ms. K didn’t want it but Mr. T insisted that if she truly loved him, she would agree to it.

They had a serious quarrel over this; she had to go back to her accommodation in school, once again, she confided in her best friend. Titi advised her that she should give in because, it will be foolish for her to lose him because of “sex” after giving her all previously in the relationship. So she agreed. 

Days later, she went to his house to and met a girl there, a 300L Law student who he was also having sex with. Ms T begged him, she cried like a baby, so he could forgive her for refusing all these while to have sex without a condom. But he refused. Titi had to come to the house to subdue the whole issue.

When Titi was about leaving, he asked for her number so as to be able to reach Ms. K through her whenever Ms. K’s number doesn’t go through.

Ms. K accepted, though reluctantly. She didn’t want to stir up another issue. Sex became like free food for Mr. T. She had 3 abortions for him in one year. Every time she aborted, he promised her that he would be careful next time.

In his final year, Mr. T had issues with some courses which resulted in an automatic extra year. Ms. K was about to graduate, now in her final years. She had another 3 abortions that same year, the sixth abortion led to a very serious complication, she almost lost her life. 

At this point, her doctor said he would not conduct any abortion for her again. As a result of these issues, she had an extra year. She struggled with average grades in almost all her papers. 

After bribing some lecturers with the money he got from her, Mr. T finally graduated with a 2.1 (second class upper) degree and was posted for his NYSC to Abuja. 

Ms. K was excited hearing about this because of her plans to relocate full time to Abuja immediately she completed her studies. 

Titi graduated before her and left to her base in Oyo State. Ms. K regularly spoke to her concerning her life issues and most importantly, matters between she and Mr. T. 

After Mr. T graduation, Ms. K was still responsible for his wellbeing. After four years of dating, Mr. T never introduced Ms. K to his nuclear family; he kept giving flimsy excuses whenever she raised the issue. After 3 weeks in NYSC camp, he went back to Lagos to visit his family and also, Ms. K. Unknown to her; he only came to visit her so she could give him money to rent an apartment very close to his place of primary assignment.

She managed to raise the large amount of money and sent to him. After that day, he started coming to her lodge for sex……. She became pregnant for the seventh time! He asked her to abort it, which she did. 

Because their doctor refused to do the D&C, they travelled all the way to another state to abort the baby. 

Titi was the one who recommended a good doctor for Ms. K. After the D&C, the doctor told her she might not be able to conceive a child again because her womb might be badly affected which she told her best friend, Titi.

After graduation, Titi had started her Law School was based in Abuja, a few minutes’ drive from Mr. T’s house. 

Ms. K was very much aware that they sometimes visited each other. Ms. K usually pleaded with Titi to help with foodstuffs for her boyfriend, which she agreed to. 

The bond between Mr. T and Titi became stronger. Titi made it clear to Mr. T that she had feelings for him since their University days and was envious of his relationship with her friend Ms. K. Mr. T also admitted same.

Titi, also told Mr. T about her best-friend’s inability to conceive a child. Immediately Mr. T heard it, he found a solid reason to leave Ms. K. 

When Ms. K came back to Abuja, she noticed Mr. T changed attitude towards her, and anytime they had sex, he always wore a condom, displayed lackadaisical attitude and cold shoulders towards her. He rarely called her but still, she gave him his regular N50, 000 payments every month. 

Months later, she noticed his behavior worsened. So on a certain day, she decided to go to his place unannounced. On getting there, she met her boyfriend with Titi, lying down on his bed..…. they were both Naked! 

Titi smiled at her and before Ms. K could utter a word, Mr. T said, “Long ago, I broke up with you, the very day I heard that you may not be able to conceive children, I broke up with you. How can I marry a barren woman?” Right there, she knew Titi told him, but all she could do was cry and leave.

Right now, Ms. K is out of the country and Titi and Mr. T’s wedding IV is all over Social Media. Titi and Mr. T dated for a year+ and decided to get married. Mr. T now works in an Engineering Firm in PortHarcourt while Titi just rounded up her NYSC.

The wedding is slated for 27th, January.

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