12-year-old boy who was chained by his mother and grandmother has been rescued by the police in Ogun state.

With a big chain and padlock, Segun Azeez was locked down by Mrs. Yemi Kazeem, his grandmother.

His mother, Yomi Kazeem who has separated from his father provided the padlock and chain to tie down her son to a spot for about 3 months.

Segun was chained under the guise of being stubborn and a petty thief. On Wednesday, 24th January by 4:48pm, he was set free by a group of policemen led by police commissioner, Ahmed Illiyasu.

Police commissioner, Ahmed Illiyasu said ‘’He was tied to an iron chair with a big chain at his grandmother residence for over two months. This is wicked and inhuman, the child has emaciated greatly as a result of this wicked act by his mother and grandmother.

For two months, he has been tied like an animal and has been eating and defecating at the same spot. In accordance with the state laws and international practices, we had to arrest his mother and grandmother.
We had to move fast because issues like this can lead to rituals or a case of missing person.’’

The commissioner of police said this crime was discovered by FSARS who were patrolling the area where the boy was chained down.

Yemi Kazeem, his grandmother has been arrested for further investigation.

After his rescue, Segun broke down in tears. He said his problems started in sagamu when he lived with his dad’s family, he claimed being hypnotized there which made him flee. When his mother took him from Sagamu to Obada town, he had thought of a life without sufferings, unknown to him, it was a greater level of suffering.

Yemi Kazeem told reporters that her grandson was very stubborn which resulted in her chaining him, in order to prevent him from fleeing home and stealing.

She also added that she has been fasting and praying for him so that his spiritual issues which she suspects is troubling him would be evicted.

His biological mother, Yomi Kazeem said she never knew chaining her son was a crime. She gave his grandmother the chain so he could be confined and would not flee home.

Yomi Kazeem also told the reporters that she and Segun’s dad, Wale Azeez separated in 2011. She said Segun has been with his grandmother from his paternal family until November, 2017.

She said ‘’they told me he was very stubborn and always ran away from the house when he lived at Sagamu. When he came here, he also behaved the same away. At several times, we had gone to Abeokuta to pick him up. Several times, he has stolen my money; he even stole my phone and ran away.

This attitude of his made me bring him to Oboda to live with my mother. He also continued to display his bad attitude here and ran away severally. My mother got tired of the whole situation, which is why I encouraged her to tie him down.’’

She also added that he wasn’t tied down permanently and she regretted her actions.

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