Osun state traditional ruler abolishes idol worshipping in his community

Osun state traditional ruler banishes Idol......diamondzblog

Traditional ruler, Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdulrasheed Adewale Akanbi has adopted full Emir regalia and jettisoned his normal Yoruba dress. The monarch has banished some idols, especially the famous idol that has been in the palace since time immemorial.

The traditional ruler relocated the palace famous idol to another shrine in the town and resettled it there.

On the reason he banished the idols and relocated the palace popular idol, Oluwo said the palace was meant for the monarch alone and that the idol cannot be sharing space with him in the palace.

“As the monarch, I’m superior to the idols and it cannot be competing with me in the palace. I have taken that idol my palace to where it belong. Those who may want to worship the idols can meet them there, not in my palace. As you can see, there is a mosque in the palace and we can worship the God Almighty there”.

The monarch is currently the talk of town as his decision has been the major discussion everywhere in the state.

Indigenes of the community are glad with the decision of the traditional ruler.

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