Meet the top female entrepreneurs in Bayelsa (SHE-EO)

The SHE-EO is a movement/ project that aims to celebrate, inspire and motivate working women and women who do business. The word is coined from the abbreviation CEO( chief executive officer) to depict a woman who works either at her career or at her business. A woman who believes that there is dignity in labour, a woman who knows her worth and knows that she has a role to play in the grand scheme of things, a woman who wakes up everyday and deliberately sets out to make an impact in whatever field she finds herself, no matter how humble or exalted!, a woman who can take the hand of another woman, pull her up and push her higher, That is a SHE-EO!.

At the very first edition of the SHE-EO in Bayelsa State, organized by okeoghene Obaro, a photostylist, image consultant, a writer, a poet and a SHE-EO!



Some amazing female entrepreneurs in the State turned up for the shoot. Here are their Bio/Photos;


Amina ”Amyne” Tebepah

Let me introduce you to the sugar queen. Meet Amina ‘Amyne’ Tebepah. She was born on the 10th of May, and yes, she is from Bayelsa. She graduated from Niger Delta University with a B.Sc in Biochemistry.

Amina, is the creative director of Amyne Pastries. Amyne Pastries is a pastry shop that deals with all kinds of cakes for all types of events. Her long term goal is to have a shop that people can get any type of pastries whenever they want but she believes in starting small and taking it one day at a time.

This dream of hers started in 2015 during NYSC. She thought to learn a skill, rather than go job hunting after NYSC and being someone that love cakes she decided to go into cake baking and sugar crafts.

In July 2015(3 weeks after her POP) she got her basic training and in August 2015, she got her first job. Six months later, she knew she didn’t want any office job as she was her own boss.

Amyne Pastries(CakesbyAmyne) has grown(and is still growing) over it’s 2 years of existence. There has been few challenges over the years, but God has been faithful all round. She always says, God is her source and only resource.

She believes in excellence and does not compromise on her standards. She also knows no amount of money is worth her integrity. She’s constantly learning and improving her skills as she believes that knowledge is absolute power.

She knows nothing great can come out of your comfort zone so she’s always pushing herself to do more and try out new things in her own little way. She organizes free trainings from time to time as her own way of giving back to the society.

And of course she knows the best is yet to come. All of these points to the fact that she is a SHE-EO and will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.



Tarila, is a graduate of Banking and Finance,  a mother and  a wife.
In addition to all, she is the SHE-EO(CEO) of
Tari de Tee Groceries Ventures.

Tari de tee groceries, is a fast growing business store that was birthed in April 2017.
It’s a wholesale store where beverage, Noodles Drinks etc are sold at the least price possible.

Tari, is also an agriculturist that has a corn and plantain farm respectively. So if u are looking for a grocery store for your children’s party drinks, noodles, beverage etc, Tari de tee is a stop away.

The shops are located along bay bridge road, immediately after the tricycle(keke) Opp. God’s kingdom society. Tari is a go-getter, she doesn’t accept no for an answer and is always willing to learn.

She believes strongly in her dreams
And she’s ready to take over the world. She is courageous and is not afraid to fail because she sees failure as  a part of the success story. Her hunger for knowledge is second to none, as she is constantly striving to acquire relevant knowledge to make her a better woman and a better SHE-EO.

As a SHE-EO she strongly believes in the dignity of labour, and in the fact that women should always support each other and build each other up.



Jennifer Roberta Gbonhinbor

Jennifer Roberta Gbonhinbor, born on the 12th of March, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the Niger Delta University. A mega entrepreneur who believes hard work pays off. Her motto is if you can dream it, then only you can be the limitation.

Jenny is the SHE-EO(CEO)/ Co-Founder of SOULRICH FOTISMOS; a company, which specializes in a variety of things, from props for your special occasions, to company branding and web design.

SoulRich Fotismos is your one stop shop for all necessary Branding (Logo, letter head, invitation and business cards, magazines/brochure designs, banners, branded shirts and caps etc) also props for your birthdays, baby/bridal showers, customized bags, purses and wallets etc.

We make your brand and events unique in itself. Your satisfaction is of great value to us. Our goal is to exceed customer satisfaction while rendering quality services. The opinions of our clients are of great concern to us.

As a SHE-EO she believes  every woman has the power to cause great changes which is more than skin deep. Women should be self reliant and motivated to pursue their dreams and help one another.

Be a shoulder to someone and a motivation to another and watch yourself grow. Never give up when the challenges come, cause they only come to make you stronger and better.

SoulRich Fotismos, Creativity and Simplicity is US

Perelade Dimanche

Pere Dimanche Mirabelle, born on January 16th, From Southern Ijaw local government area. I’m the many faced not so thick model and a catwalk instructor

Took a one year modelling program in Ghana and started a career there. I do commercial, editorial and runway modelling.

I Just started a small scale perfume business “Scents by Dimanche”, I’m also the Director of photos with heart by George Obadiah( a socio-cultural initiative focused on giving back to the society in various forms).

I am an actor and hyperactive lover of fun
I do not believe in impossibility, I believe as women blessed with the natural gift of multi tasking you can achieve anything, if you only but try, and be consistent. I also believe we as women are more than our beautiful bodies, we can be so much more.

I’m an aspiring project and talent manager who hopes to inspire the younger generation and help them achieve their dreams by not giving  up on mine.

I signed up for the SHE-EO movement to meet and learn from great women doing well in their various fields. I’m ready to leverage on the networking and mentorship opportunities that the platform avails. I strongly believe that women should support each other and help build each ” up.

 Thelma Ibegu

 Thelma Ibegu is a graduate of University of Port Harcourt with honors in Linguistics and Communication.

An OAP (On Air Personality) with Radio Bayelsa, Glory FM, she hosts the flagship morning show “Rise and Shine” on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

With over 10 years experience as a Broadcast Journalist, she has a reputation built on hard work and dedication.

As a professional Master of Ceremonies, she comperes events with a sense of class and style that speaks of elegance and professionalism.

She is also a Media Consultant, who takes pride in her work which includes Voice-Over, Radio and TV jingle productions.

She is a wife and a mother whose love and loyalty to her family is visible in the decisions she makes and how she balances and juggles her roles and responsibilities.

Her passion for excellence is exemplary, her determination to put smiles on the faces of her audience is perhaps what pushes her to keep improving.

She is popularly known as T I da Homegal on Radio, another indication that she’s your next door girl.

She is a SHE-EO and believes that women can fare better when they support and patronise one another!

You need an Mc/ compere to add that touch of class to your event? She is your go-to girl!

  Millicent zidegha Brian


My name is Millicent zidegha Brian, a graduate of Adult and community education from the department of Educational foundations, university of science and technology (UST).

I graduated in the year 2014 and in the same year contested for miss peace ambassador, where I emerged with the 5th position. I also contested for miss Bayelsa 2014. Apart from being a beauty Queen, I am also into politics part time.

Currently I run a winery in yenagoa called Ziddycents winery. Ziddycents winery is a shop that provides a variety of drinks ranging from wines, spirits, gin, champagne, etc.

I decided to go into business my “dream job”  wasn’t forth coming and I had responsibilities to handle, plus I needed to be self reliant. I also decided to tow the line of business so that I can become an employer of labour, thereby developing my immediate environment.

As a business owner (SHE-EO), especially for a business such as mine, electricity supply has been a major issue, especially the cost of constantly running a generator and still having to pay staff. Another challenge we experience is that of insecurity.

Every business person hungers for growth, thus I have been saving up and making plans to expand and venture into other businesses.
The plan is to turn myself into an international business woman!

I am a strong woman, passionate and driven. I am committed to building myself and my brand!  As a CEO(SHE-EO), I believe that there is dignity in labour and that women should Support, motivate and inspire each other to be and to do more!

Dolcy Victor

Meet the beautiful Dolcy Victor who is from the nembe extraction of Bayelsa state. She was born on the 31st of August.

Seeing how most women neglect their beauty after been married and how most ladies, feel beauty isn’t all that matters, She was moved to pursue her passion towards makeup to enable her beautify, teach and give beauty advise on how women can look perfect in line with their careers and duty as wives.

Dolcy Victor is a passionate makeup artist, who asides the money, derives joy and strength from beautifying women. She is the proud owner(CEO) of a popular makeup brand, BERRYDOL’S makeover in bayelsa state, Nigeria.

BERRYDOL’S makeover is the home of beauty and has offered quality makeup services in bayelsa state and across the country.

In four years of operation she has proven her brand worthy despite the challenges that comes with running a mobile business in Nigeria.

She also believes that for every young lady, hardwork and thrift are sometimes the only things a person can afford. As a SHE_EO she believes that women should support women, patronize them and celebrate one another.

Dolcy has been selfless in this act as she gives moral support and ideas to people she had trained as they open their brands, patronizing and celebrating them in any way she can! In her brand she believes her hands are gifted.

Okie Onome Sophia

I am Okie Onome Sophia, a Delta state indegene who has been resident in Bayelsa for over 2 decades (you can say all my life, lol). I Graduated from our esteemed Niger delta university with a B.Sc in office Information management.

Born into a family of tailors/stylists, I have always had a thing for fashion. I love seeing people wearing beautiful outfits!! With the desire to make people look beautiful, Sophyre’s couture was born.

Sophyre’s couture is a clothing brand, that  caters to the need of the modern day stylish woman. We believe that every woman can be stylish!!, she can be a chic!! without breaking the Bank(. She can also be sassy!!

We offer tailoring services like bridal dresses, formal, casual and ready to wear clothings.
“We believe in the saying ‘looking good is good business”. Do not forget, if u want to be addressed in a certain way, you have to dress the part.

Contact Sophyre’s couture, and let us upgrade your fashion statement and revamp your wardrobe. We are located opposite City of Glory church ,Ruthmour street, off Imiringi road, Yenegoa.

I am also a SHE-EO(CEO), a woman that believes that, those days when we sit and wait for things to be handed to us is way gone, I believe that women should work, women should support each other, women should patronise each other. Women are great assets, we have abilities that are sometimes left dormant, wake them up!!!
FB: Sophyre’s couture
IG: Sophyre’s couture

Teresa Briseimo is a Bayelsan with a bloodline of Okumbiri town in the Sagbama Local Government Area with so much energy to give back to society. She is proactive with a great sense of responsibility, she is receptive to strategic ideas and suggestions which helps her to analyse situations that arises in both professional and personal life and provide immediate, appropriate and effective solutions.
She is an experienced Web/Graphics Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and sports industry. Skilled in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, illustrator, CorelDraw, etc), not forgetting a system analyst.
A strong computing professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Computer Science from our prestigious Niger Delta University with a portfolio of certifications from Microsoft Office Suites. Simply stated; She is an ICT Masterpiece.
She believes that the mind is the processing unit of the entire human structure, it determines your level of limitations and successes based on the programmes installed in it. Which means, you can be anything and do anything based on the programming of your mind, it doesn’t have anything to do with gender. She is also a lover of creativity, simplicity and originality in both professionalism and personality, an engine of abilities. Not excluding a lover of sports; volleyball, football, tennis, scrabble, traditional volleyball (Abula), she has represented the State & club (volleyball & Abula) within and outside the state with series of medals. SHE-EO(CEO)/ Co-Founder of SOULRICH FOTISMOS; a company, which specializes in a variety of things, from props for your special occasions, to company branding and web design.

SoulRich Fotismos is your one stop shop for all necessary Branding (Logo, letter head, invitation and business cards, magazines/brochure designs, banners, branded shirts and caps etc) also props for your birthdays, baby/bridal showers, customized bags, purses and wallets etc.


The beautiful Valerie OgheneroboDigitemie is a Native of Isoko-South LGA, Delta state. She is a wife, a mother and a SHE-EO.

Valerie is a “Neat-Freak” who has converted her passion for neatness and beautification of spaces into a money making Venture thereby, giving birth to LERIE KLYNS, a registered cleaning (janitorial service provider) and interior design company. Her story is a clear example of turning your passion into a pay cheque.


Being a graduate of International Studies and Diplomacy from the prestigious University of Benin, she understands the importance of learning and getting professional training in her area of expertise, which has led her to pursue various certificate courses in Interior Design and on the job training in cleaning.


Valerie is a very smart and hardworking woman who does not encourage laziness of any sort and has succesfully run LerieKlyns since 2013 with a very vast client base and hopes to keep improving and growing her business one client at a time.


Over the years, her clientele has varied from government agencies, parastals to individuals. As the motto of the company says: we don’t cut corners, we clean them! No Corner is immune to the magical touch that LerieKlynsposseses.

You can follow us on facebook via our page LerieKlyns and on instagram @lerieklyns.

WiniWealth Kikile

The amazingly beautiful WiniWealth Kikile is the SHE-EO(CEO) of W.W Beauty Empire. She’s a Beauty Artist, a mum & a lover of Jesus Christ. She’s a native of Epie-Atissa in Yenagoa Local Government area, Bayelsa State. She’s a graduate of the department of Linguistics and communication studies, at the University of Port Harcourt.

She got her first certification as a Makeup Artist at House of Tara, Abuja in 2015, after which she went to Port Harcourt for Advanced Makeup training with Jojostouch Makeup School in 2016.  At  Jojo’s touch, she emerged as the best Makeup Artist of her set.

She got her first paid bridal job in December, 2015, which led to the birth of the business. Before then, she engaged in free makeover sessions for ladies just because she had so much passion in the Beauty Industry. She loves to bring out the beauty in women & make them feel confident of themselves.

The SHE-EO believes that her ability to beautify faces is a gift from God, that is why the brand has had massive results in less than three years of its existence. W.W Beauty Empire which is an abbreviation of Winiwealth’s Beauty Empire is a Makeup outfit that specialises in Makeup & Gele Artistry.

It has a Makeup School where students are trained to beautify themselves & also earn money from beautifying others. The Company has a vision of building an empire that will be a one-stop shop for all beauty needs in every part of the world.

As a SHE-EO, she believes in the strength inherent in women and the potentials that abound when women come together to support, encourage, patronize and build each other up.

Rebecca Thomas


Rebecca Thomas, born on the 24th of January, a graduate of banking and Finance from Niger Delta University. A career lady and an entrepreneur; she believes in the ability of a lady being able to juggle multiple roles and slay at it.

Becky is the SHE-EO(CEO) of FABULOUSCITY; a makeup studio and makeup training center, FABOULOUSCITY at Solomoms plaza, at Onopa Yenagoa, imbiama Yenagoa expressway, which specializes in makeup artistry, home of jewelries and skin care Products. Fabulousity is your one stop shop for all your makeup and beauty needs.

It is a fast rising enterprise that is poised to deliver quality goods and services; surpassing customer’s needs with a touch of class and excellence that’s second to none.

Our keen interest is considering clients opinion and demands, as well as building a good working relationship to foster cordiality with our customers; striving to deliver exceptional services.

As a SHE-EO she believes  every woman should be beautiful not just on the inside but outwardly to boost body confidence and self worth. Women should be innovative and set trends  and never fail to adjust each other’s crowns because we are all queens .

She is not afraid of taking risks when it comes to life, work and business; daring to achieve excellence in every sphere of life.

Helen Niabari Saramo Joshua

Helen Niabari Saramo Joshua, is originally from Rivers State, Ogoni to be precise. She is married to Mr. Saramo Joshua, from Brass local government area in Bayelsa state.

Born on the 28th of October, Helen is a Proprietor, an educator and a lover of children. The love she has for them birthed a long time dream “CHAPAL INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI ACADEMY” Bayelsa state.

Chapal montessori offers an excellent standard of education in a highly moral and Godly environment, with teachers who are specially trained to cater to the every need of the students (physical, educational, emotional and spiritual).

She also wishes to start up an orphanage so she can help orphaned children achieve great potential in life. She believes that every child is important, matters and unique.

A proud mother of three adorable children. Helen is a God lover, a proud and gorgeous daughter of the most high God. “Without God there’s no Helen” she believes that with a positive mindset, one can achieve almost anything as long as you set your mind to it.

As a woman one of the ways you can hold your head high in society is to work honourably and earn a living. She also believes that women should support women, by so doing it will help to increase oneness and togetherness to achieve greater success and unity.

The caps she wears are those of a mother, a wife, a proprietor and yes a SHE-EO!

Princess Pere-ere Brian

Princess Pere-ere Brian, a native of Ayama community, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. Graduate of computer science, Niger delta university, SHE-EO(CEO) cakelounge and confectioneries.

At cakelounge we are into baking of cakes and other pastries, our known product is our cakelounge tasty peanuts. we  also provide a range of pastries to suit our customers budget.

I have been in business for 3 years, it has been tough especially in the cake business as we have a good number of bakers in town who have been there, therefore we have to charge little or nothing to make cakes so people can taste and trust that we can deliver, in general terms, it’s been tough to remain in business but it  has been totally worth it as we keep learning and growing in business, the challenges are part of it.

As a SHE EO, I believe women should work and bring something to the table and support society at large, women should support women by patronizing each other and the world will be a better place for it.

Thelma Bribebe Emmanuel

Meet the exceptional Thelma Bribebe Emmanuel, from Patani LGA of Delta State, Nigeria. Born on the 22nd of December.

Thelma Bribebe Emmanuel, is a makeup artist, a makeup educator. A lover of creative looks and a SHE-EO,! Thelma Bribebe Emmanuel is the founder/CEO of BB’s makeover in a yenagoa, Bayelsa State Nigeria.

BB’s makeover is a home of beauty makeup and has covered big events/jobs in the Bayelsa Region and across the country. She has carved a reputable niche for her brand in the makeup/fashion industry in Nigeria, with her sleek makeover and excellent service delivery.

In two years of operation, she has proven that her brand is here to stay despite the challenges that comes with running a small business in Nigeria. “To us at BB’s makeover, it’s not beauty if it’s not BB. So think Beauty think BB!”

She also believes that it is honorable for a young woman to work and earn a living for herself. As a SHE-EO she believes that women should support women, patronise them and generally celebrate one another!

IG @Thelma_bribebe
FB @Thelma Bribebe

Ikiriko Isaiah Jennifer

Meet her Royal Majesty, Ikiriko Isaiah Jennifer, popularly known as “Jayberry”. Born on the 6th of November( proudly Scorpio), the strikingly beautiful “selfie Queen” as most people call her due to her love for pictures, works at Daar communications plc Yenagoa (Ait /Ray Power fm). She is a TV personality (newscaster/presenter, programmes producer), red carpet host, commercial model and event planner.

When you see her on the job, she is so composed and well put together! But meet her outside, my God! She is full of life! Jayberry is the life of the party. Her “realness” is second to none, a day spent with her is filled with sunshine.

Being a single lady who wants to make a name for herself, the ride has not been easy. Even though the number of women in the media profession is growing, the media is still statistically dominated by men who hold the vast majority of power positions. She is fast rising in her career and it has been wonderful as she aims to get to the top of her career, irrespective of the challenges she meets.

Jayberry is smart, full of ideas and energetic. She believes that the first step to achieving your goals is believing in yourself and surrounding yourself with positivity. She also believes that there’s dignity in labour even as a woman. She believes that women supporting one another and having a voice will only serve to increase our greatness in the society.
…She is proudly a SHE-EO!

Preye Seth

I am Preye Seth, SHE-EO(CEO) extremewithpreyeseth.
(raising a Godly generation that will make family, what God has always wanted it to be),  an NGO that aims to put smiles on the faces of people by preaching love, educating and empowering women.

“I have always had the passion of seeing a loving relationship and marriage. Also had the joy of seeing young people come together in marriage, holding hands together to walk through whatever challenges they face and also enjoy seeing people feel loved”.

It came as something I wanted to venture into, after I went through what I would call a painful divorce. It was a painful memory which I never pray for anyone to go through, so I prayed and took the decision to start talking to people about it, organize outreach programs, seminars, and a magazine just to encourage women who have gone through it, that they also can make it.

Because divorce causes depression, hypertension, heart attack and other numerous health challenges. On this journey, the challenge has been that people feel I don’t have anything to offer as a young divorced girl, and also that since I can’t keep my marriage I don’t have the  right to educate them on it which is it not suppose to be.

I am a SHE-EO who believes women can be happy, fulfilled in marriage and Career, I also believe women should work, support and patronize each other in any little way we can,  and should not talk down on each other.

Ladidi Eneye Alagba

If you have ever met or talked to this woman especially about business, you will come to understand the meaning of the word “passion”, she gives it a whole new meaning, a 3 dimensional view of the word.

On the set of the SHE-EO shoot on the 23rd, we had a mini seminar of some sorts just listening to her share her experiences and give tips on starting and staying true to your passion. I present to you, a very strong and passionate woman, Mrs Ladidi Eneye Alagba! , a wife, a mother and the CEO Prettytouch homez, a SHE-EO and the real MVP.

Prettytouch homez is an interior decor outfit that caters to your every decor need, from blinds, curtains, couches, tables, lamps, consoles etc. The services rendered by prettytouch homes includes : painting(design),  wardrobe and kitchen furniture,  decorative accessories,  altar decoration, space planning and advisory services. It is a complete finishing house.

Now there are lessons to be learned here: as a student in the university, she already had an eye for a good set up, picking the right pieces for an apartment/room, so much so that people around her would always seek her opinion before making a final decision concerning their decor.

After school and working two different jobs, something was still missing. There was a hollow feeling inside of her, a nagging feeling of something missing. In order to fill that void and make an extra income, she started a hair salon and did that for some years, but the feeling remained.

A calling from deep within, a flame burning inside. Then gradually she went back to her first love, interior decoration, picking the right pieces for a home, arranging spaces, that was her passion and it gave rise to the birth of prettytouch homez in October, 2011.

She has been in business up until date. Her challenges have been enormous,  from importation issues, to low patronage, poor economic situations etc. But through it all, the brand has remained and has infact evolved into a stronger brand. She has over the years acquired a long list of clientele and it keeps increasing by the day. She has two things to say to young women going into business.

1. Your passion keeps you going when all else fails.
2. Get adequate information about any business you want to go into to avoid loses.

This woman right here is an embodiment of the term SHE-EO!  She is passionate, driven, hardworking, tenacious, and productive. She is a lover of God, and all her inspiration comes from him. She loves her family, her committed friends and always stands for truth no matter what. She successfully runs her home and her business!

The next SHE-EO seminar/photo shoot will hold in portharcourt next month. You can be a part of it.  See picture for details;

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