Linda Ikeji subtly complains about Nigerians not yet subscribing to her TV channel

Nigerian most famous and successful blogger, Linda Ikeji launched her online TV channel on the 8th of June 2018. Ever since then, there has been constant daily downloading of her TV app on playstore.

However, the media mogul has taken to her instagram page to write about how most of her TV subscribers are Nigerians living abroad, subtly complaining about Nigerians in Nigeria not yet subscribing to her TV channel which she believes is the high cost of Data subscription in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji wrote on her IG page:

officiallindaikeji Let me explain this quote. When I began blogging in 2006, 80% of my readers were Nigerians in the diaspora. Then by 2010 Nigerians who live in Nigeria gradually started visiting my blog. By the end of 2011, there were more Nigerians who live in Nigeria on my site than Nigerians in the diaspora. And you see, the number of content consumers in Nigeria is 100 times higher than Nigerians who live abroad. And so after that huge arrival on my site, I started smiling crazily to the bank. 😁. Like, I was making so much money from advertising, I thought I was being set up…lol.

So now with LITV, there are currently more paid subscribers by Nigerians in the diaspora than the ones who live in Nigeria. Which is fine and I’m so grateful to the guys in diaspora for supporting LITV. Online TV is not new to them and data, unlike Nigeria, is cheap and fast. But one day, one day, you Nigerians in Nigeria will be ready for online TV. One day data will be very fast and affordable. One day, you will understand why online TV is more desirable now than regular TV and when that day comes, will be waiting to welcome you all with open arms…lol.

The key is to prepare for the future. I’m prepared and I’m waiting! 😎😉

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