Nina and Alex are reportedly fighting on Instagram

Nina and Alex fights on instagram


All don’t seem to be well with former Big Brother Naija housemates Alex and Nina as they both seemed to have called out each other in different posts they made on Instagram.

It all started when Alex posted a photo of herself on her timeline and she could be seen spotting a henna design, which is quite common among ladies.

Alex in her reply to the fan, then took her time to enlighten him on the design and also made sure she pointed it out that it wasn’t meant for a single person as other people have adored the design on their body even before Nina.

She replied saying:

Second of all, it wasn’t made for anybody in particular as many people have done it before and will still do it, third of all, lunatics are not allowed to comment here. I can hear your doctor call. It’s time for your medication, now run along and play with sand. You will tell me when Nina invented henna.

One of Nina’s fans must have notified her on the mention or she spotted it herself. So in her response she took to her InstaStory and requested that no one should mention her name in their rant. Though she never mentioned a name, but it was quite glaring she was referring to Alex

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