Trump writes Nigerian Newspaper, endorses cyber-tech book on fake news

Donald trump writes Nigerian newspaper

Trump writes Nigerian Newspaper, endorses cyber-tech book on fake news.
President Donald Trump of the United States written to a Nigerian Newspaper, Naija Standard Newspaper on their contribution to the fight against cyber-crime across the world.

According to The Guardian, Trump officially acknowledged the positive impact and national importance of a book titled ‘Using Cyber security to Expose Fake News, Stop Hackers through Investigative Journalism’ as America’s mid-term November election comes knocking.
In a letter addressed to the Group Managing Editor of Naija Standard newspaper, Samson Shoaga, the White House said the quality of the book would enjoy high review at authors’ online forum and Amazon.

Trump, in the letter he personally signed dated August 2, 2018, stressed that “by working together, the administration will deliver on America’s promise for the people” while solutions suggested in the book “will strengthen our national spirit and ensure that America continues to shine as a beacon of freedom for all of the world to see.”

“Melania and I deeply appreciate your support. We are honoured to serve a country that we love and to work every day to improve the lives of the American people. Your encouragement, and that of millions of Americans, sustains us each step of the way,” he said.

The White House noted that the book, written by George Elijah Otumu, a multiple award-wining Nigerian journalist, who doubles as American Foreign Bureau Chief, Naija Standard newspaper, will have positive impact and boost America’s national security.

The Editorial Board of the online newspaper had on June 10, 2018, sent an official letter to President Trump with a hard copy of the book as its contribution to the security and safety of the American society.

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