See how Alex Asogwa celebrated her dad’s birthday

Today being Alex Asogwa father’s birthday, the ex-bbnaija star has taken to her instagram page to wish her dad a happy birthday with a lenghty message.

Alex Asogwa wrote;


 Happy birthday Daddy. Thanks for being the strongest person i know. You taught me to believe in myself and never crave to be anyone else. You taught me that patience does it. You have flogged me just four times and you always found a way to apologize,teaching me that we don’t always have to teach the hard way. ( that doesn’t mean i have forgotten all the times you threw news paper or whatever you were holding at me 🤣🤣). You’ve given me all you can at times i needed them and taught me to be comfortable with whatever i have. You taught me that i don’t need to have it all to be happy. I’ve watched you dance and try to make everyone happy in worst situations. From you,i learnt that life doesn’t have to be so serious.
You are the best dad ever. If there is a next world,I’ll still choose you. I’m super proud to be your daughter,anyday, anytime. You are forever My first love. Thanks mummy for wishing him happy birthday on behalf of us all before he went out early this morning😁. @teez_dora @ada_bechon God forbid your voice.🤣


Watch the short video she made for him:

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