14.8 Million APC Members Endorse Buhari As Presidential Candidate Unopposed

Buhari releases new photos as he emerges APC presidential candidate.


14.8 Million APC Members Endorse Buhari As Presidential Candidate Unopposed.

The total votes was announced by Ekiti stayed Governor elect, Kayode Fayemi on Saturday night.

Speaking at the convention, National Chairman of the party, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said with the conclusion of the primary, the party was ready for the campaign for the elections.
Oshiomhole said “after today’s convention, we are ready for 2019 electioneering campaign and we believe that we have a lot to disclose to Nigeria. Our opponent are going to produce their candidate and we will look at their records. If they are former governors, we will go to their states and we will call on their people to show evidence of their performance.

“If you cannot manage your house, you cannot manage a community. If you cannot manage a community,you can’t manage a state and if you failed as a state Governor, you cant possibly win as a president. We will look at their records and background and compare the to Buhari’s record and the Nigerian people will decide.
“If you say you will put air conditioners all over the country, we will find out how many you have put in your state. If you governed for eight years,we will find our what impact you have made in your state.”

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