Lady dating a married man celebrates third anniversary

A South African lady who dated a married man, took to Twitter to announce that they are celebrating their third anniversary.

The disclosure came as a reaction to a Twitter user’s comment. @mlota_azola wrote;

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but he’s not leaving his wife for you.

However reacting to the tweet, the South African lady disclosed that she found out that he is married one year into their relationship. According to the lady they’ve been in their relationship for 3 years and are celebrating their third anniversary. Read her tweets below;

He did and we celebrating 3 years together now.

I went after what I wanted. Such is life. If his wife and him were meant to be, he would have stayed. I found out he was married after a year of dating him. I loved him and didn’t wanna leave
Seriously, I didn’t intentionally date a married man, I found out later on and chose to stay ad he chose to leave his marriage. Neither of us are saints.Men leave you even if you are the most beautiful girl in the world for whatever reasons. Why do we always blame the other woman? I didn’t initiate the relationship, he approached me and my ancestors gave me signals and boom, he is paying lobola December.

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