“You don finally buy market”- Linda Ikeji set to sue Kemi Olunloyo

Linda Ikeji set to sue Kemi Olunloyo diamondzblog.com.ng

It seems Linda Ikeji is finally set to sue Kemi Olunloyo for defamation of character. Some day ago, Kemi Olunloyo released a video of herself wearing a moonbump and showing how much it resembled Linda’s pregnancy picture, she insisted Linda Ikeji  was wearing a moonbump and was never pregnant.

Read Linda Ikeji’s blog post/response below;

Madam Kemi Olunloyo ‘s real stomach vs a moon bump. 😂😂😂. Who knew our hanti had such a tummy? 🤣🤣🤣🤣. She pushed her real tummy out to make it look big and passed it off as a moon bump 😂😂😂. Like our beggi beggi hanti can actually afford a $400 moon bump 😅😅😅 .
Besides no human being has the power or enough money, not even the president of the United States, to make a hospital like Emory University Hospital Midtown, tell such a colossal lie on their behalf. That would be the end of the institution. Any institution for that matter. For USA again? 🤣🤣🤣. .
So what you’re saying basically is that Madam Linda connived with one of the worlds most respected hospitals to allow her into their facility, take photos in their labour room with a new born baby and their nurses, take photos and videos in their after birth postpartum room and share on social media with their co-operation? You can see that you’re mad 😂😂😂😂. We know our madam is a rich and powerful woman but even she is not that powerful 😅😅😅. So try again. .
By the way Madam journalist, get ready in 5,4,3,21…You don finally buy market 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kemi Olunloyo responded to their post on her social media page. She wrote;

Linda u not have a baby in Emory✓You photoshopped someone else’s photo in the delivery room & inserted your head. I have released that poor woman’s picture and letter, you ignored it ✓You have not apologized properly for your story that ruined my brand in 2013 saying I threatened bloggers with my guns causing NPF to almost raid my house calling my father first✓Forget Deola and Dan they have moved on, you also promised not to blog about me since 2013 a promise you kept. News is news dear, nobody does that but now you broke that promise to start addressing your fake engagement, pregnancy now closing in on your head? ✓ I will still launch the video of towncrier @lauraikeji telling pals you have no viable womb✓I can still post my audio conversation of the Delta member of the house of reps who bought that Bentley and begged me to keep him anonymous if you don’t tell your fans the truth about the car✓ Where are the videos of your delivery, post delivery, baby crying etc. I have no time for your lies✓I even have your moonbump purchase receipts from the UK✓I will keep exposing you till you stop lying to gullible Nigerians. You have DESTROYED enuff lives!!✓You will apologize PROPERLY for ruining my name and brand not that sarcastic 2013 tweet✓Apologize for telling Punch I was Languishing in prison and you paid my bail when you DID NOT?? You insulted my lawyers and mother. You are a certified Mythomaniac. Google that word. Once you apologise, maybe I will consider leaving you alone but as I said, news is news. My moonbump came in 3 sizes, that 8-9 mos one almost fell off. Trust me when I get home, I will do a video of that one inserting it and all. Being in a hotel room alone doing selfie vids doesn’t do justice. Linda you must apologise ! I’m not Blackmailing you. Your lawyer and Bentley Lawmaker offered me money I declined. I’m a US Trained Investigative Journalist. You HURT my career in Nigeria like you hurt SDK and Zetbra by taking their IG down, PBW taking her YouTube down and I took your Twitter down for breaking rules and buying 1.8M followers. I am the Media watching the Media, my first blog in 1999 Pyra. #drkoo @healthreports

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